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The esports community is not only a very lucrative and tech savvy audience, but also highly critical when it comes to sponsors entering the esports domain. We will make sure that you speak the same language as your audience and put your brand into the center of our attention to craft a message that appeals. Identifying the right segment of esports enthusiasts, the perfect channel to reach them and a format that feels organic is our specialty. 

Asterion started helping brands within the esports domain in 2012 and became a dominant strategic consultant within the Benelux. Our young but professional team has the advantage of directly working together with succesful esport athletes and attending some of the most prestigious events worldwide. This direct connection to the audience and its ambassadors and the love for the gaming industry is what makes Asterion your go to resource for strategical advice. 

The people behind Asterion are equipped with a strong background in marketing and strategy. Influencer Marketing, Display, Search and Social advertising, TV and Radio productions are just some of the disciplines that are being covered.    If you want to learn more about our team click here

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