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If you are interested in setting up your own league, event or just get professionally crafted content with your brand at its core - Asterion's branding solutions will get the job done! With over 30 successful brand collaborations since it's inception, Asterion knows how to tackle mid to long term branding projects of all scales. Our global network of athletes, production teams and marketeers are available at your fingertips.

Our Branding services are available to all sizes of businesses - All that matters is that we can add value and that your company is a great fit for the world of esports. If these 2 criteria are fulfilled our professionals will go to work and deliver a branding proposal that's customised to your needs. Once both parties are happy with the final concept you can lean back and watch our team execute it's magic.

The people behind Asterion are equipped with a strong background in marketing and strategy. Influencer Marketing, Display advertising, TV and Radio productions are just some of the disciplines that are being covered. If you want to learn more about our team click here

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